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 Snows Grace

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PostSubject: Snows Grace   Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:07 am

Name of World:Snows Grace
Description of world:Snow's Grace is a snowy wonder land but also a dreaded wonder land of snow,ice,wind and mysteries.
being completely made out of snow this world is home to very few,but few have adapted to this world as there own and have made it threw all of it's harsh nights and days while some die off..
any life form in world:mainly humans,demons,angels some how ghost
picture (if founded):
history of world:this world was first an abandon snow world till one day a women came across it and made it her own,even thought the world was harsh and rash she survived and strive and later made the world into a population bringing people to this world welcoming all and allowing stay advancing the world for more comfort to make it adaptable,bring her family and everything here till one day she met a young man who was very kind,cute and generous enough to help her and strive with her mating with her creating Xion her first and only child raising her there threw out the years till one day the world caught war with some invaders that is where Snow the man met by Grace the mother and founder of the world went off to war later being killed in there favorite castle to where also that castle was destroyed in the process.
as time went by Xion also met a kind guy growing up and out of the house at young but was left by her man instead but thing thought he was from the world but he was just planning on getting revenge on the queen for firing him and did getting Xion knocked up having three wonderful children named first the girl Kura named after cure for goodness the second Riku or land for there home land since he had white hair he represented greatly and Dark was named dark for when he was born there was a dark birth mark on his belly which eventually disappeared...
this world was then left to them as there mother left off to find answers to her life...

Name of place:SnowPoint City
Description of place:a city covered in snow,advanced by technology and moder day society things this city is always booming even thought it is covered and engulfed with snow but we here are all use to it.
any life form in place:mainly humans and angels
picture (if founded):
history of place:snowpoint city is where everyone lives,strives and wonders,shops,schools and so much more are here in this civilized city of advancement everyday

Name of place:The Vanishing Forest
Description of place:a forest forever captured in shadows,mist and fog,this place was the resting place of the queen Grace before she was killed some say her spirit still lingers here guiding unlucky travelers and people who are searching for her into her old castle where she and her husband were both set to rest in peace for eternity.
be sure not to bump into her and take the right path to the new castle trust me it is safer there.
any life form in place:demons,angels,ghost
picture (if founded):
history of place:the resting place of the queen grace after her death in the castle or suicide much more like it,after that day sitings of her have been said but those who have seen her not all have made it out alive to see the next day....not all that come out have even lived to see the next day thanks to strange disappearances they say it is the curse of grace for once you have seen her and escaped you are done for.

Name of place:Grace's Ghost
Description of place:a broken down old castle with occasional voices heard from it.
any life form in place:Ghost and Demons
picture (if founded):
history of place:the resting place of both Grace and Snow both rest in peace where they both died one in a war and the other out of suicide.
it is said if you are lead here by Graces ghost it is not long before you are taken to your snowy grave but also before you dye you should check out this awesome abandoned castle which voices of grace could still be heard from...

Name of place:Snows Grace Palace
Description of place:a large tower not to advance but not to hot just a simple tower sticking out over the forest where the princess Xion came to stay and power after the old castle was taken out of commission but Xion decide to "Pimp" her palace out and made it much more better.
any life form in place:humans and angels
picture (if founded):
history of place:a large tower not to advance but not to hot just a simple tower sticking out over the forest where the princess Xion came to stay and power after the old castle was taken out of commission but Xion decide to "Pimp" her palace out and made it much more better now its an awesome palace come and see it!

its suicide to live....

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Warrior of Twilight Wings

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PostSubject: Re: Snows Grace   Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:20 am

approved good!


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Snows Grace
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