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Capricorn Monkey
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PostSubject: Grace   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:02 pm

nickname:Queen Of Snow,Queen Of The Mist,Ghost In Whisper,Snow Spirit
personality:quite,brave,leader, responsible,mature,wise,cheerfully doesn't show happiness much for she usually has a serious face but smiles most of the time.

history:History for Grace is simple.
she was a young girl born into a wide cold world,her parents soon later died and she was left alone to prosper the planet till one day her planet was visited thinking it was a dead planet the man walked upon it and seen a women he had went to rescue her but she laughed he wonder was she playing simply hard to get or was she crazy cause Grace thought he was crazy.
in he end they both settled had a few children and welcomed more and more people till eventually the civilization prosper and grew advancing in ways no one could think possibly with demons,angels,ghost and much more living and growing on her home world to where one fateful day Grace's home world was invaded she did everything in her power to stop it and succeeded but in that she had lost her husband in the war making her go insane and kill her self in the first castle.
no one knows whatever happened to her body some say she wonders as a ghost killing all those who come by her palace but she instead went into hiding keeping her self frozen for she for saw something very devastating...she for saw....the where everything would come to an end she plotted her date and everything and stood frozen in a chamber till the day came...the day of reckoning she then arose from her eternal slumber and now goes off to stop what she had seen...before it is to late.
Clan History:The beginning...funny how it all started...
one day it all started with a simple man named jak who met a nice girl in a forest wondering around jak found her and helped her out since he had a soft side for girls and just loved Xion some how but to him she was beautiful he helped her out of the forest and one day they began to date then they decide to settle down and then they had kids,the first kid was Kura the first daughter and oldest of all the kids she was a very strange one at young and her father tout her like if she was a boy he treated her and all that stuff just like a boy soon then she was a tom girl and acted and hung out with all the boys and everything was interested in girls and all that till one day jak and Xion were bored and had more fun in bed and had riku,jak was excited and happy that it was a boy and he came out looking just like him they named him riku and Jak treated riku like a real man beating him telling him things about life teaching him about girls and all the other stuff Kura felt excluded and talked with her mother then after her mother had taken her under her wing and tout her how to be a young cute girl she was (human) again
as for riku he grew up to be a scared child then;then came dark the youngest of them all and the somewhat most ponderer at birth and when he was small his father never paid attention to him and one day left when dark was born and was never seen again Kura help out with Riku and dark till riku was old enough to help but kura grew tired of this life she called stupid and cursed her mom out and left also riku and dark cried that night with there mom till one day after all the words where said and done and Xion was noted that leon and shadow had kura riku heard about her training and wanted to go to;so did dark but dark was neglected this chance and stayed with his mother;while riku and kura training with leon and shadow,shadow and Leon didn't know that kura had darkness in her heart and talked to riku about darkness being the best way to go,he turned her down and trained more with Leon and shadow till one day kura went missing but left a note saying she went to the darkness with all the power and training to be more powerful then any of them;that is when riku trained more but he couldn't get it at all for he was never the fighting type he was more the talk and stuff type he always found a way to get around something,especially a fight but mostly chores till one day he grew tired and fell to an eternal darkness which he never grew out of till one day he was found in the darkness by his mother who also found Kura who was released into the universe and she almost destroyed everything in existence till her mother used a powerful move which ended her rain and placed kura inside Riku never to unleash his darkness ever again till one day he did and she was brought into the world and retired her work as the universes hell demon she then met up with dark,Riku,Xion,shadow and the rest she learned about the past,the present and the near future while xion one day fought dark and won due to dark having lack of energy,dark showed that day that his private training with leon and shadow worked wonders but made him remorseful to none he would never hold back no matter who it was.
one day dark then fought riku and it was settled down as a draw then came the day where kura met raven...her ex-boy friend who was a total jerk back in the dark worlds she loved him for it but lost interest and killed him one day as she fell the darkness then she one day killed a guy named break who had a huge crush on her riku one day lost his most loved girl in the world kari who died and became a heartless and they till this day search for each other xion met her kids one more time hugged them all and returned to work,where as jak met his son riku and torched him one last time and he manned up and spoke out to his father,his father was impressed with this and left him to his life,one day Kura and dark were roaming around their home town and got into a little argument;then that little argument turned into a fight which is still going on till this day but the sad part is they are fighting...till the end;one dies and then one day riku decide to call his sister and mother to talk with them about something,till this very moment the whole family stays separated for nether wants to love,know or feel each other....this family was never ones to love each other they all hated,loathed and some much more that they stood away from each other the only ones who grew a bond were dark and riku at young but riku broke that bound when he tried to kill dark as a kid kura never bonded with any of her brothers for she hated them both but loved her father and mother,her father and mother were deeply in love but jak broke it when he walked out on her but now dark and kura had a bond and kura broke it by wanting to kill him,riku and kura have a mysterious relationship that is unknown xion yet still has a huge bond with all her children no matter what they have done...
elements:Ice,Blizzard,New World Ice,New Mind State Blizzard(ice and psychic together)

weapon name:none
weapon looks:none
about your weapon:none

about your self:I Tend To Be Mature.
her family
training others

immature people
stupid people
know it alls
seeing her family hurt
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Heartless Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Grace   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:08 pm

well your pictures are not showing up on my screen but hey if your character looks like the links and the avatar supports it your approved
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Capricorn Monkey
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Age : 25
Location : Snow Palace

PostSubject: Re: Grace   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:12 pm

ok thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Grace   

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