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 Coty's new moves

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PostSubject: Coty's new moves   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:56 am

note: to explain a little bit on where the hell this came from, despite the obvious gap in power between himself and X, the similarity in thier powers caused his defeat to leave a bit of a mild sting, as such he's taken a few hances to experiement and actually get somewhere in properly learning how to use his own power, however he's already stopped as once again laziness gets the better of him.

name of character: Coty
name of move: short ciruit (spark)
move looks: a somewhat pathticly useless bunch of electrical sparks happen almost randomly in a small area
move used: by quickly altering only a slight area of reality within sight, he's capably of making electrical sparks, however since he didn't really work very hard all he can do nit make a few sparks, near worthless in battle, it's best used as a ditraction thought the hot sparks can burn for a few seconds if they contact the enemy
effects: mostly just a distracting light show, burns anything it touchs but only for a few seconds

name of character: ....look these are all for the same character, so i'm just gonna stop putting this
name of move: static exchange
move looks: none for the most part (see below)
move used: when in contact with another person Coty's learned to amplify the small amount of electricity running through his body electrocuting anyone touching him, while this is technically his only decent combat move it's somewhat painfull to use for himself even forcing him to quit after a few seconds
effects: severe electrocution on touch, but Coty takes a little "recoil damage" if you'll forgivve the pokemon terminology

name of move: seeker bullets
move looks: like a regular gunshot, just the bullets inexplicably follow thier intended target
move used: anticipating more gunfighting, Coty's learned to create hi-tech bullets which follow the intended target, compatible with any gun he knows how to use, some people would wonder why he didn't just work on his aim, it seems he's capable of forcing regular bullets to do the same thing as long as his eyes can keep up with the target
effects: bullets follow thier target until stopped by a barrier, can go through walls, wll lose the target if somehow knocked off course

name of move: mechanical manipulation
move looks: depends on exactly how it's used
move used: the real breakthrough of his small training session, in order to make the creation of larger objects easier he can now rip apart and mold smaller objects to create things using what's around him as materials, additionally this allows hhim to easily recycle his smaller creations into something else to fit the situation
effects: use nearby objects (ex. buildings,computers, wreckage, just about anything) as building blocks to create new larger objects, objects used in this matter may be changed into something completly new or have thier composition changed and are usually not salvageable for more then scrap metal
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PostSubject: Re: Coty's new moves   Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:02 pm

these moves check out fine.


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Coty's new moves
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