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Lokita Karin
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PostSubject: Staff   Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:14 pm

This topic will explain the roles of the staff and who they are.
also these are the people to pm in case of any problems you encounter.
you can and may be approved by these people also.

Head Admin Job:over all there job is to keep the peace,order and make sure everyone below them is working and in tip top shape and to make sure they are behaving,pretty much they make sure everyone else is in check,they are the highest power.
they may delete,move or ban anyone anything anytime.
Side Admins Job:over all there job is to keep the peace,make sure no one under them gets out of hand and to ban or move anything or anyone that is not following orders.
they may ban anyone who gets out of hand,move topics that do not belong or are derogatory to the trash bin or delete certain post (but they may not delete any post so they must edit it to much better liking)
overall they are like admins but with less privilege)
Moderators Job:over they are the watchers of the site making sure no one gets out of hand or dose or post anything bad if so they may edit that post or move it these guys are just the people we need for when the big guys are not around.
please respect all of these members that are on this list and also the rest of the members but especially these members (you may be banned for insulting these members look on to rules for more info)

Head Admins
Twin Heart
Lokita karin
Death The Kid
lost soul
Xion xD
warrior of destiny
Graphic Designers
Demon Angel
Dark Death
Dark Starlight

Dark riku:(will never be on when you need me so do not look forward to seeing me much online for i am very busy and have a life and that is i have a team to work with the members i am the last resort to which if anyone else cannot answer you nor can give you an answer i come in.(mainly on in the night if ever i do get on and also i get on in the day when in school)
John:(almost never on only comes on to approve anything,add anything or make sure everything is in order (gets on mainly at night)
Chris:(is almost never on for is never needed only needed when John and Dark Riku are off he keeps the peace and stuff (on most of the time at night mainly)
Broken Hearted Girl:(mainly at night like around 1 or 2 AM for i live in japan and the time differs here by 14 hours maybe even later or earlier plus mainly everyday i may be on to my behalf also can be on in the morning to!) will update if i think i can change my time
Shadow:(mainly night time sometimes in the afternoon rarely comes on for he has a life and has things to do and jobs to take care of and school and such so will hardly been seen but is here from time to time.
Riku:(is just a side rarely on is just in case DarkRiku is not on nor abel to get on or anything this is a backup account if anything needs to be forwarded to the head Admin forward it to this account.
Shadoh:like shadow and death the kid hardly seen usually on sometimes in the morning,afternoon and mainly at night works,and has school to get to also.
Death The Kid:(like shadow is on at night and afternoon rarely on for also has a life,school and such can be caught mainly at night
Darkshot2:(mainly on at night around 10) will sometimes be on in the afternoon and also during the day(school)
psycho chick:(mainly at night like around 10 at night Pm she lives in america so time is regular for her she is not very active during most nights and may not come on till maybe later like around 1 Am
flame:mainly on in the afternoon is most of the time on for quick approvals and a few replies is most of the time only on during the afternoons is very busy with school and stuff but always has time for the members when he is on.
Flower:rarely on at times(mainly at night seen) sometimes during the afternoon dose not do much just moderates and tells shadow since they live together and stuff,
lost soul:on most of the times at night mainly at night really helps out and moderates and makes sure everything around here is all cool will always be ready to support the staff and team and if possible will help members
Alb0zfinest: sometimes on during the afternoon and sometimes at night welcomes the members makes little trouble for most of the staff and members really new to this stuff so we welcome him so if any problems with him just ignore him and keep going
Lunar:always on at night is very new to the team so we do not know much of her so Lunar please edit your time to which you think you can come on
Xion:is just a moderator watching every now and then so she is sort of like Riku's situation lol

from now on no team members nor staff is allowed to delete a topic if anything pelase eidt it saying in the post why should the post be deleted first or just send it to the pending death place yes we now have a pending death place for topics that are started but we don't like
but if its a post in a place only allowed to edit only after the soulution was made then u may either continue with delete or what ever (only head admins may delete whatever they want)

if you would like a chance to be a team member talk with the admins/side admins

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