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 Sasuke bloody dark attacks

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PostSubject: Sasuke bloody dark attacks   Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:58 am

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:Bat Blood
move looks:Sasuke standing still and bunch of bats flying out as he disappears
move used:Sasuke puts his legs together and his arms out using his dark element till his body starts to disappear and the area turns blood red with bats flying out
effects:the attack only has postive effects and effect the oppnent when the bats fly by they can steal energy or drain them of some blood and life giving it back to Sasuke

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:R.R.M
move looks:Sasuke just with cuts on his body and blood falling from the cuts
move used:Once Sasuke has the right amount of cuts or blood lose he use to increase his speed and power
effects:Bad for the person he's fighting because of his boost up but also bad for him because after a time of blood lose he starts getting dizzy from all the lose

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:Burning Ring
move looks:
move used:Sasuke moves his hands in different circle forms till the ball starts getting bigger and bigger then mixing it with his fire element burning
effects:If Sasuke holds it long enough the blast has the power to burn and destory a whole area within the few seconds its sent out

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:Dark Moon
move looks:A black energy with red on the sides of it in the form of a ball till its fire out
move used:Sasuke puts his dark energy together with his hate as the ball forms together with whatever blood is around him then fire in a black energy on the on the inside and the outside red from the blood
effects:The attack takes some time to get ready but its Sasuke most powerful attack if the person lives through it then they won't be living for long the attack has a enough power to destory three areas and lives dying dark energy within the body but at a cost Sasuke body is weaking by a lot he won't be able to attack back for awhile

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:R.B
move looks:All the blood that Sasuke lost coming back to him healing him like nothing happened
effects:After Sasuke loses an amount of blood and has cuts all of his blood can come back to him healing him as if nothing happened but this only happens every 14 mins or seven post

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:Gatsu Kiba
move looks:
effects:Sasuke most powerful sword attack he focus something higher then dark energy into the sword then release's it out the attack is so massive that it destory the most powerful attack and its fast to charge but the down side is the sword can't handle the attack and will break after three or two times but nobody ever lives past the first

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:Bird of the burning sky
move looks:
effects:Sasuke has to start with a two signs in total there should be six it will take three post then finally the bird will raise and can protect Sasuke or attack if attack the person will burn and the flames will not die out till the bird leaves it will stay with Sasuke for about five post and won't be able to come back for six more Sasuke can use its ultimate attack that burns awhole area but then it will disappear and not come back for eight more post

name of character:Sasuke
name of move:el vacĂ­o negro del infierno
move looks:
effects:Sasuke new and most powerful attack the dark is beyond anything of normal darkness something higher Sasuke only has to force a little of his soul energy then give into his full power of darkness and its fire from there the force alone is powerful enough to kill a person if hit withit the person will die from the attack but after two attacks it grows weaker

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PostSubject: Re: Sasuke bloody dark attacks   Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:34 am



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Sasuke bloody dark attacks
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